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Why You Shouldn’t Delay Surgery

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Deep down, you may know you need knee replacement surgery, but have been (sub)consciously putting it off. For some, it’s a fear of surgery. Others just don’t like the thought of losing a body part. Heck, I put it off for a good year waiting for THE perfect knee implant. Whatever the reason, there comes […]

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How to Prepare for Knee Replacement Surgery

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The days, weeks and months leading up to knee replacement surgery can be a difficult time. You know you’re headed into a life-altering procedure and probably have no shortage of things running through your mind. It does get easier the second+ time around, but there’s always anxiety going into surgery, especially if you don’t properly […]

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The Importance of a Second Opinion

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Knee surgery is a life-changing event. It can give you years of mobility back or just let you spend most of your day pain-free. Anything that important deserves a careful amount of consideration and due diligence. The more serious your potential surgery (e.g., partial or total knee replacement), the more time you should spend researching […]

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Which Type of Implant is Right For You?


Just as in any other industry, the medical (and surgical) field is constantly evolving their procedures, techniques and technology. Specifically in orthopedics and knee replacement, leading manufacturers tinker with the shape, material and overall design of their knee implants…with the hopes of gaining an edge. As it stands, there’s really no undisputed implant leader, so […]

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Partial Vs. Total Knee Replacement

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When it comes to knee replacement surgery, you generally have two different options: partial (less invasive) or total knee replacement. From incision size to recovery times, in this article, we’ll compare the differences between the two and discuss each of their qualification criteria. To start, total knee replacement is the catch-all procedure performed when the […]

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