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Knee Replacement Abroad: Thailand

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Thanks to a burgeoning economy and growing medical system, Thailand has transformed itself into a viable medical tourism destination. From dentistry to orthotics and even heart surgery, there are a variety of specialty clinics sprawled throughout Bangkok and a handful of metropolitan cities. As you might expect, there are a few clinics not quite up […]

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The Pros and Cons of Medical Tourism

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A growing trend in the knee replacement field (and, for that matter, most joint-related procedures) has been patients seeking treatment outside of the U.S. If you poll most of those folks (I informally do), they’d rather not go through the trouble of finding a reputable hospital/doctor abroad, fly for a good 10+ hours, then recover […]

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Knee Replacement Abroad: India

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Sometimes surgery is a numbers game. Sure, you’d rather not have to worry about price when it comes to something as important as your knee, but the reality is that it’s an expensive procedure. In the states, patients without health insurance can expect to pay $35,000+ for total replacement, about half that for partial. Even […]

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